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All new Apple watch 5 is here, More functional than counting heart beat.

yes More than a heartbeat count

why we can say that as More than a Heart beat count

u will soon know why are we calling it as More than a heart beat count

it has way more to measure the regular sound beside and will remind you of your hearing difficulty and will judge the life cycle of hearing

this is also shown technically in Apple watch by decibel measurement to know more about the loud sound's in the surrounding's

this is one of the coolest thing ever seen in smart watches and it also has feature exclusively for women

The measurement of mensuration cycle which was introduced but wasn't in flow i guess, Now it has full flow in this watch series and functional working is seen,
so the insight can be watched on your overall health. The advantages is that they can be aware & prepared of their upcoming problem's, this could save and enhance your data discussion toward's your doctor to sort out the problem more easier.
Note:- the above point is only for women.

Apple watch 5-series

Compass & Location

the another most wanted and some were waiting for this feature is that u can simply know which direction you are trekking in.

u can get the direction's irrespective of network connection simply in a watch.

this compass facility is a great help

How does compass work, How is it built in....?

so there is magnetometer detects magnetic north then automatically adjusts to show true north

as well you’ll now know which way you’re facing in the Maps app.

Internal GPS works in conjunction with terrain data to tell you your current elevation — great for outdoor workouts.

Apple watch 5-series with GPS and compass loaded

for more explanation u can simply see the the video below

the watch has lot of improvement's in hardware & software

unlike previous watch series, this has ULTPO( Ultra low temperature poly silicon ) so describing ULTPO

Ultra-low-power LTPO display.

The low temperature poly-silicon and oxide display features a reinvented pixel architecture that

the watch will never shutdown it's back-light and it has a refreshing rate of

1hz/s to 60 hz/s

1hz when the watch is inactive to save the power consumption and can opt at 60hz for the ambient display

this refreshing rate will run on Eco battery usage which will give u smooth usage of whole day

the screen will never shutdown with it's ambient display,

In technical terms u can simply say it can give the backup of 18 hour's of power, ultra-efficient power management and a new ambient light sensor work together so the display can work efficiently.

it carries also the previous flagship's feature's

Still more giant update to hit the net

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