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Apple is about to abort March event because of Covid-19.

This was a major outbreak of Apple ever to call off the event and they might release the devices with the public tools like press release, but unlike inviting the developers and creators.

this time there is no pre release impressions because of outbreak of Covid-19 and what might be the devices in 2020 releases.

Ipad 2020

will have new camera chassis same like iPhone 11 Pro triple camera sensor with more functionality in iPad OS.

and they will look like

  • Improved display features with a refresh rate

  • increased battery size within many optimizations.

  • Increased connectivity with 5G ability.

  • enhanced fast charging.

  • the better-griped pencil is delivered with multi-functionality.

iPhone SE 2

official patent has been raised by apple that they there will be in touch screen sensor will be installed and unlike previous flagships, Apple will release their models in the first quarter of the year and they will release the other models in the last quarter of the year.

New features to come

flagships with a high refresh rate

A13 same bionic chip

enhanced quick charge support

Better battery than previous flagships.



Airpods Pro

fans and consistent customers of apple won't care about the price of the tech and they will just buy it whatever the price is, so Apple has just made their point to increase their point of pushing their tech to everyone with cheaper "Airpods"

so these are the known and confirmed rumors herecoming up with press release soon we will give an update on the release event.

More yet to hit the net

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