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Apple: Ipod touch 7 back to action

Updated: May 30, 2019

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They were some speculations form very before Announcement's of Apple, Now finally we can see "iPod touch 7" and finally announced Officially by Apple.

the dream of an IOS user's or person's who's pocket's doesn't fit for iPhone's can now straight away own this iPod touch 7.

Now its is as simple that u can get Augmented reality, Face-time, Group Face-time, Apple Arcade service's and various other Apple service's will be available for cheap price.

so these device can be cheaper than iPhone's.

Now coming to stuff like carrier services as we know "iPod touch" iteration's were made for "Music" and other Apple services to hold not to stitch with Carrier service's within it .

so good thing is that Apple has decided to resurrect it for some good share hold in Market.

so people who can't afford iPhone's can afford iPod touch.

we can't underestimate the price, even iPod also might price higher, but if compared to iPhone they are low.

Good news for IOS fan's and Apple firm to...Now carrier less iPhone can be afforded for very less price.
this might hit drastic sales increase, Very nice move by Apple.

The fresh (or) we can say it as Refreshed gadget.

but when coming prospective of world, User's end up buying Mid-range mobile's instead of "iPod touch 7".

Coming to spec round up

there is huge difference b/w Apple flagship's and Representative's.
yes iPod low specification's compared to iPhone might deviate user's to other Android flagship's.this every time happen's with Apple .

4-Inch retina display

Display connectivity

4-inch LCD screen (1,136 x 640) 3.5mm port, default wifi present.

instead of large Oled screen's no cellular connectivity.

Security Camera

a physical home button with no bio-metric 1.2MP selfie camera

(or) 8MP rear camera.

shall we say no fingerprint reader.

2019 Variants & Price Performance

32GB -$199-13896.67/-rupee's Indian currency A10 fusion chip



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There’s no doubt the company will sell plenty to people wanting a gift for their children at the very least, but instead a clever choice would be budget phones for $200 to $400.

if people are really devoted to Android then might end up buying new Pixel 3A and 3Axl to gift their children or any one

here is the link to round up of Pixel 3A and 3AXL

that's all for now

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net