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Apple WWDC 2019 : How to watch it .. What Apple has announced. part-1

#Apple #WWDC

So the big is event is heading up and they might hit the world now let's see how and what are they doing now in this WWDC(Worldwide-developer conference) its for the developer stack to innovate and create and know their view on new operating system

So these developer conference is done and seen in tech giants like Google and Apple

Tech giants have a habit of gathering developer's and their tech enthusiasts with them for their tech review and any mis-placed lead's with in right place for their increase in performance and way of attraction.

Let's have a check on the New release's in WWDC


Multiple software updates and not blame on expectations, because WWDC is made of Software updates

so its like expectation's and speculation's are very common here,

Now coming to stuff which has been released.

check it out

IOS 13

The main event is for IOS 13, If IOS latest operating system isn't announced then that would be incomplete.

Every "WWDC" will have new Software that's for sure so let's see what are those update's.

The new update is that it has "Dark mode" in it this isn't a simple stuff but it also can influence all the apps which can be seen in dark mode.

a couple weeks back in "I/O" same feature has been added to Android Q yea this would be competitive, but don't mind bad this isn't comparing just a common quality shown.

the same way "text swipe" is seen in Android long back and still there, the same feature is seen in IOS 13 now seen and introduced in this WWDC.

Dark mode

Apple has done some major job in privacy and security

yea, Apple has some new spec's in Security.

Apple has also introduced auto-generated fake email accounts or your desired email's, why..?

Instead of giving your real email address to an app, you can give alternate email or other address that forwards automatically to your main account. Each app gets a different address, allowing you to easily unsubscribe or cancel services without ever giving over your real address.

So this is a major service is which is seen not seen in any kind of Operating system, Now u can simply adjust or can give instruction's within app to perform the work.

At-last, iOS 13 has given users to control location permissions within apps. You can grant location access to an app temporarily instead of indefinitely, which will help with privacy.

App permissions are completely under control in Android, thus now we can see how's that seen in IOS 13.

Gallery is getting some new features, lighting algorithm called Portrait Lighting. There are more photo editing controls than ever


The wonderful update for the editor's and creator's, there are now video editing features in Photos.

The better view of memory flow is based around time: days, months, and years. There is auto clean feature to clean your screenshot's, scrap, receipt's and much more.This will ask u before they make duplicate of it .

so they are many updates

  • Auto fill of image and details in Messages once you have a conversation (this is done completely done if u make it) .

  • Makeup and accessories are now available in Memoji.Memoji stickers are now available in Messages or even other third-party apps.

  • Now your Assistant in IOS or Siri’s voice is now based entirely on software, not on pre-recorded actors’ voices are now combined or patched together. And many shortcut's are available now.

  • Major update in Apple maps unlike AR view Google map's, u will see the entire zoom in feature here to see excellent view.and this view is very beautifully visualized.

  • U can now hear the text messages sent by sender name and clearly respond to it with voice command's, this commands can also received by Home pod's and many devices though.

  • U can also share Music instantly to pay in your Home pod loudly for the Part starter scene, This scene is called as Handoff

That's it is a briefness on IOS 13. can install IOS 13 beta if u have another spare iPhone because this IOS 13 is unstable and don't forget to backup.

Now Favorite and most Speculated, Anticipated Model is here.


finally, after six year's Apple has launched some powerful system with some Attractive screen

actually i might define it wrong but it has beautiful screen's produced so these tech giant has given a work easy work for creator's & editor's so let's see how these "MAC pro " work and let's see the total tech round up here.

So u can see some best screen's and Stainless steel CPU here

Don't forget to say hello to new tech here.

Brief round up in Spec's

  • 1.4kW power supply, that power will be consumed if u fill all 12 DIM slots for RAM sticks,

  • 28-core Intel Xeon processor, and eight PCI expansion slots.

  • Introducing MPX Ports — Mac Pro Expansion. This can handle up to two graphics cards, Which will make Creator & professional editor's life easy with all their required power.

  • So Mac-Pro can fit 2-4 external Graphic card's in it.

Blessing by Apple to professional creator's and Editor's.

Mac Pro starts at $5,999 and will be available in the fall.

U can fill 12 dimm's that can extend to 1.5TB of RAM

Coming to XDR (Extreme dynamic Range) Display.

Apple has announced 6K display also so it was a deadly combo.

hell yea, it is capable of pro level output, it is a exact sync for the CPU with full load spec's, but when coming to other screen's u can use some other Gaming screen's also and other pro screen's here with 8K display which can exactly sync with CPU .

But XDR display has some undeniable spec's

  • 32-inch retina display

  • HDR support (which Apple is branding as XDR, or Extreme Dynamic Range)

  • Contrast ratio level 1,000,000:1

don't expect any thing cheaper

this display is starting at $4,999

There is an Excellent stand with it so but it won't come with screen price u need to pay XTra 999$ for that that is very Expensive and might run u out of pocket's too...

There is much more to talk about

  • TV-OS

  • iPAD-OS

  • Watch-OS

  • clear review on IOS 13

  • Much more Exciting news in Apple Arcade.

Stay tuned to SVSKHD

More yet to hit the blog.