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Apple's 2020 flagship will have enhanced the display with 120 Hz Pro-motion.

The upcoming flagship of Apple will not just have 120 Hz of display but will also make the bezel-less screen and much more is coming to hit the flagship market and this time there could be drastic changes in the upcoming iPhones.

though iPhone is not the first phone to offer higher refresh rate flagships, coming to competition Apple knows better to keep their audience engagement and bring on the new user to their flagship market.

they haven't made any new upgrades in screen yet, iPhone 11 pro and Max stays all the same sizes and same displays with little ambience in-display increased.

but not the display sizes might not get changed.

we were waiting for the no notch display from Apple and if we remember from the past the notch culture has been invented by iPhone X was the first notch model ever which was replicated and copied by many companies with an exact notch or with the lesser size of the notch.

so the phone is below here for your glance.

A big thanks to Apple hub to making this news to know.

and there are a couple of sensors packed up there in a thinner black bezel itself, get ready to sell your assets to buy this flagship.

so the sensor and display have major improvements are expected to the next year flagship of Apple.

the sensors are just pushed into the bezel and this looks similar to this

now we understand how is the Apple tech is doing it, they also have made this device with 5G chip inside, finally, Apple wanted to deploy the 5G chip on their flagships.

though there is plenty of time to judge the upcoming flagship with the features.

though we can see there is a great struggle with Apple to fulfil all these within 12 months and they are still 19 months away from Samsung 5G flagships, Apple never was first but they survive because of their Audience.

though some times they make their very crisp and enjoyable.

so the list of highlights of Apple flagships are

1. bezel fewer screens(almost nill in bezels).

2. 5G chipset.

3. 120Hz Pro motion Oled display.

that's all the rumours till the date early rumours on iPhone 12 or 2020 flagship but I am more curious on the display and bezel-less screens, though there is a huge doubt on 5G chipset of iPhone due to Uncomfortable hardware option from intel 5G modems.

thanks to Apple hub on this info.

still yet more to know

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