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Android 10 or Q, Is your Phone capable of ..?

The right place to know the which device is capable of Android 10

okay let's not delay will just jump into the topic

first we will have the list of companies which will push Android 10 to their device's

The list is below

Andorid 10

so there is google listed it's device's which has to and will roll out the Android updates here on the following devices they are

1.Pixel 2/2XL

2.Pixel 3/3XL

3.Pixel 3A/3AXL

those were the device's which has already fresh look of Android 10 with old body

then comes Pixel 4/4XL will ship with Android 10

And already these device's are on roll update with Android 10

As per update, roll on date for these devices was on Sept 3rd

Android 10 is a huge update upto 1.3 GB




Samsung Note 10

Samsung has Huge no of model's and they have to map for several device's and for now they will have update only for certain flagship's and blood of flagship's

that's obvious update for

Galaxy S-series &Note series like

S10, S10+, S10e

Note 10/Note 10 +

Galaxy S9/S9+

Note 9

these are some obvious model's

but new flagship blood is Galaxy A-series is here

Galaxy A50,







The direct model's for the

Mate 20

Mate 20 Pro


P smart 2019

P smart+ 2019

P smart Z

Mate 20 X

Mate 20 X (5G)

P20 Pro


Mate 10 Pro

Mate 10

There is another budget friendly mobile sales division here that is "HONOR"

so coming to Honor they might push it to

there is a list below, the model's capable of

like i said there are plenty of mobiles which have updates form Huawei unlike Samsung they are pushing it to every Flagship and other budget handy mobile's

HONOR 20 Lite



HONOR View20

HONOR 10 Lite



that's a worthy making Huawei as a choice of buying

Samsung need to keep up with this point, Huawei is leading.

Coming to



so Motorola is a clean UI a big and consistent follower of Google UI once upon a time they used to make great phone's and durable too

they also follow the strategy but that strategy for today won't make it top because of heavy competition and Motorola has slow down their process of pushing updates,and simultaneously gave a chance to Nokia to hit the place

here is the list of MOTO device's might get the update

Moto G7, G7 Power, G7 Play, and G7 Plus

Moto Z4, Z3 and Z3 Play

Moto E6

Motorola One Vision

Motorola One Power & One Action



One Plus

So One plus is meant to be a Flagship killer, they need to maintain eco-system with their updates

to keep up with flagship's and allow user's to use the new feature's

They have rolled out the update with competition of Google pixel on Sept 3rd

so they aren't leaving any device behind

except the initial iteration's

One plus 7/7Pro

One plus 6/6T

One plus 5/5T

the above device's are sure & eligible to get Android 10 and One plus 3/3T is a device which is out of eco system.

So it's a pure enjoyment for One plus user's

Now coming



Nokia hex camere

Now a days Nokia has pushed their limit's and they push continuous updates with their Eco system of every mobile's.

they have dethroned Motorola in this sector and punctual update's and time to time security patch's have made them top of Motorola and need to make some durable device's to hit Motorola

The list of Nokia model's capable of Q update's

Nokia 7.1

Nokia 8.1

Nokia 9 Pure-view

the above model's will get in this year

the budget handy mobile's

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1 Plus

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 2.2

Nokia 3.1 Plus

Nokia 3.2

Nokia 4.2

Nokia 1 Plus

Nokia 5.1 Plus

Nokia 8 Sirocco

the above list will get in year 2020

so good news is you are officially hitting the update possibly when next update come's for budget handy phone's.

The only mobile's will receive Q update at once on Sept 3 was One plus form 5 series,Essential , Pixel series

Some famous flagship's are put behind due to lack of Eco system of updates




LG Latest Model,

Sony XZ,

ZTE Models

though the famous gaming phone is also out of Eco-system

that is

Asus ROG

those need to be in eco system of updates but though it has enough feature's without any update.

Know your mobile is listed or not.

there might be some changes in list.

anyways updated will be updated soon here in SVSKHD Tech blog

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