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Android phone's are getting weird ,iPhone's are stable as hill's

let me justify the title

Now a day's world is interlinked with ultra-network,in the sense there won'y be any secrets ,so when i see updates in MWC 2019,they are already seen in some instagram leaks and many

sources,We can already state that there would be much diverse section in mobile varieties

as we know when we get some creative head in to match there would be much replica's and as "Iphone X notch " has started a trend started ..as soon as many model's just copied and modified notch and made notch into mini notch and tear drop by many companies so these companies will be listed soon ,and as u people know what many much companies did ....

when i say iPhone stay has stayed has hill,many companies have reached pressure sensitive chassis,and some phone's have mechanical stuff like popping up camera,so justification done for some Head-statement .

but when coming to Android weirdness

we have seen many customized Android phones with their own skins and what should i say they have done with their own type of interface and Assistant's

so they have evolved and now they have built their own Base.

Nubia Alpha Wearable watch

TCL, the big-time TV maker that also happens to sell phones under the Alcatel, BlackBerry, and Palm brands, looks set to debut a flexible display device of its own. In fact, a report suggests there are as many as five foldables in TCL’s portfolio, with one of them being a phone will be able to bring the facility to wrap up to the wrist

There’s a good chance that MWC

Beyond those particular brands and devices, we’ll definitely see more foldables, and there’s even been a rumor that LG will do a second screen as an accessory for its upcoming G8 ThinQ flagship. With multiple companies already building phones with displays on the front and the back,

with the trend of sliders and pop-up selfie cameras only growing, MWC 2019 is shaping up to be an absolute cornucopia of divergent design.

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