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Reported leaks on Rumors on "Airpods Pro Lite" and other tech.

We don't know about the name but the lite version of Airpods are coming up the point of business is just to give the tech with some cutoffs and provide their clients with less price.

fans and consistent customers of apple won't care about the price of the tech and they will just buy it whatever the price is, so Apple has just made their point to increase their point of pushing their tech to everyone with cheaper "Airpods"

Yes Airpods Pro-lite is coming up

we still don't know the name but they are coming up and we have some renders on these and they will not have high-end features like noise cancellation and that might price lesser than Pro and might be expensive than second-generation AirPods.

we still don't know the name and price of this but this version of Airpods are coming up and we will soon let you know more about the upcoming tech from the tech giant.

Airpods PRO

Airpods Pro-lite will look like similar to the second generation AirPods

and recently we have seen some renders who has almost delivered 75% true content about every post of his page

Apple design

More yet to hit the net

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