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Apple Official statement on Airpods 2 (or) pro.

There is a pro always which handles a tech or work efficiently, the same way the firms are now keeping it as the Pro and a normal version in flagships and now it is going to be familiar in Pods of Apple.

so we don't call them as Airpods 2 we call them as

Airpods Pro

so Airpods Pro is with complete expectations with better noise cancellation & waterproof.

the model looks simply great and attractive in their new way and Apple states that it has active noise cancellation up to 200 times per second, so how is this external noise cancellation is happening.

it has an external mic facing outward which detects the noise happening outside and then Pods counter them with their Anti-noise filter to make your podcasts, Music very clear.

Airpods Pro with suitable ear push

Airpods Pro will fit anyone & every one

Airpods Pro Fit Official.

There is also ear care thing happening here with the Pods like internal mic will detect the sound and cuts off the unwanted sound and also recognizes the high volume to make low for your ear care.

Much more happening with Airpods which will have Transparency mode with hearing a bit noise around u, so the noise is breaking your joy in music then hold the stem of the pod forcibly for jumping between Active Noise cancellation mode & Transparency mode.

there is tech in Airpods Pro which chops of Noise very actively.

tech in Airpods Pro

so, as usual, we can charge it wirelessly in the dock of pods wirelessly, Apple has designed it through to survive 4.5Hours of music play, the dock can power up the pods up to 24 hours.

whole together this Pod tech can clearly hear to the calls and answer them with clear voice with the help of Active noise cancellation @ 200 times per second.

Battery backup of Airpods Pro

it is accessible is mentioned, models.

so this is powered by Bluetooth V.5 based on H1 based chip system

will be available soon in INDIA to Pre-Order

this will price around 12,000-15,000 rupees, so this is a huge leap in Airpods price and tech by Apple

its is already available in other countries and pre-order it on 30th of this month

Airpods Pro Gallery

there might be speculation on availability of Airpods on 30th of this month

we will review it whenever it hits the Indian market.

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