90 HZ Powered apps, a rare list of games and apps are here.

Previously we have listed out the flagships with 90 HZ display, and now its been a long time we have been working out on 90Hz display and now we have some working apps and games listed out below will according to your customized display frames refresh rate.

Flagships these days have 60 HZ to 90 Hz jump rate which can help you out in displaying the Screen at its best of colours and scenes with the true experience of Quality.

Every app doesn't work in 90 Hz because they are certain limitations in apps, Companies have given their best of tech but there is a huge task when it comes to app developers to make the app work in 90 HZ, Users doesn't bother the developer pain.

though there is huge reputed saying

No pain No gain.

So the Notch screen, tear-drop screen, and No notch screen trend have been successfully played their game, now that tech in Smartphone's have been trending so much that we can see 90 frames refresh rate screens and Foldable screen's.

One Brief point in 90 Hz display that we can enjoy this feature phenomenally in mobile gaming way.

so first we will list out games that we tested out.

  • Pokemon: Go.

  • Flippy: Knife.

  • Alto's : Adventure.

  • Gear Club.

  • Hill-climb Racing 2

  • Pac-man: POP.

the above listed out games include premium purchases also but not for the 90 HZ gaming experience.

and we suggest you play these games to experience it fully in 90HZ in One Plus 7 Pro,7T, 7T Pro.

If you are an intense gamer then ASUS ROG will be the best option for you.

Note:- these are the gaming list totally experienced by us and there might a huge gaming list on gaming we will test it out and list it here in our gaming blog.

There are limited apps in 90 HZ and other than a gaming experience

those are the traditional Maps app and social app listed below

  • Waze

  • We-chat

these apps support the least frame refresh rate to highest refresh rate and they are only gaming applications which support 120 HZ.

but there is a huge improvement in screen refresh rate and displays in every year technology upgrade.

there are several errors in 90 Hz displays, we soon list out those and how can be they terminated through our discovered troubleshooting methods.

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