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2019 has a high refresh rate display's, not every flagship but most of them.

There are high refresh rate flagships here with 60Hz to 90Hz and there is also a huge leap on Tech with 120 Hz and there are only some apps which support these refresh rate.

so what is the refresh rate is that the frequency of the frame speed in the display so usually if the frequency is involved then the cycle of speed is calculated in hertz.

in another simple way, you will have a clear look at the image with high resolution without any disturbances because the image is continuously repainted the image, even if you are looking into the image is continuously drawn in background process in high refreshing rate displays this might eat up the battery very quickly.

so none of the battery issue we have great experience in using the high refreshing rate screen.

Refreshing rate displays are very much new to the market and not pretty much familiar to everyone, even to the high refresh rate device owners.

they are little apps and games which support 90 Hz to 120 Hz display though 60Hz is a default display in every flagship, One plus has changed the game with their default 90Hz display stuff.

and it is also related to FPS which need to be 90 frames per second to be an ideal 90 Hz display, so see all the refreshing rate display units.

so there are a couple of flagships with 90Hz display OLED's.

1.One plus 7 Pro

2.One plus 7T

3.One Plus 7Tpro / Mclaren edition

4.Asus Rog 2

5.Oppo Ace 2

6. Realme X2

7.Pixel 4

8.Nubia red magic 3

These are the latest flagship with 90 Hz

the tech is here with continuous updates this trend of refreshing rate screens trend is from 2015.

and now it is the very default mode.

1.One plus 7 Pro

This is a full screen with 90 Hz and might jump into less frequency when required, one the best phone with a gigantic screen and no notch.

One plus has just made a huge leap in the bezel-less screen with no notch so if you are curious on specs then check it out below in the link.

One Plus 7 Pro spec's

being a flagship already with 90 Hz and seamlessly very attractive flagship One plus has engaged us more with their another flagship

they are One plus 7T & One plus 7T Pro.

2.One plus 7T

One Plus 7T is also a bezel-less model with a less area front camera notch occupied and triple camera sensor & much thinner than One plus 7.

it also has improved camera with the triple sensor.

much more like One plus 7 with triple camera and One plus has made refreshing Oled screens with 90 Hz in default mode so that every model will be taken into consideration.

One plus 7T total spec list is here below

7T spec list.

One 7T gallery is below.

3.One plus 7T Pro

we already have a bezel-less screen with a super-fast processor.

They just bumped this model into a more fastest model with 2.94Ghz cycles of speed and made much more ambient in the display, the same display size & same refreshing rate of 90Hz is seen in this model also.

they have same model with glowing rear chassis for the notifications, they also made a room for the extra battery it is about 4085 mAh, a slight improvement from the 7Pro.

the total spec list of 7T Pro is below attached in the anchor.

7T Pro specs.

4.Asus Rog 2

The device which was made exclusively for gaming and this device has the ability to bump its display to 120 Hz also and this has nothing less in specs and it also compared directly to high-end flagships which also accommodates 1Tb internal storage and extraordinary ram.

this also has 5000 mah battery exactly the requirements by the gamer.

This gaming phone is expensive in 1Tb variant.

the total spec list is below

Asus Rog 2 specs

5.Oppo Ace 2

Oppo Ace 2 is here with extraordinary specs, everyone doesn't know this piece of tech has a 90 Hz refresh rate in the display, and it also has extraordinary specs looks are similar to One Plus 7T.

even specs are similar to One Plus 7T

the phone runs on Snapdragon 855+(2.96 GHz) with 8GB ram/128 GB internal storage.

triple camera sensor.

similar to One plus 7T tech.

Oppo Ace 2specs list

6. Realme X2

Realme X2 is not yet released and this also has one of the best specs so one of the speculations is that it also has 90Hz refresh rate screen and many more.

There are more articles on the spec sheets of X2, this flagship of Realme will be launched on Dec 5th.

6.4-inch screen, 4000mAH battery, Snapdragon 730 G processor these are speculated specs, might be slight changes at the release time.

Realme X2 spec list.

7.Pixel 4

this phone is 90 HZ is just a word and won't work on 90Hz every time because of battery drain, it inhibits itself into 60 Hz because of the efficiency of app and many more, this isn't perfect phone for the 90 Hz experience, unlike other flagships they stay on 90Hz to make the user experience better.

the phone is good at the camera, but yet not up to the mark of the users and expectations, this flagship is also priced more than iPhone 11.

Pixel 4 specs list

8.Nubia red-magic 3

There is an increase in significant no of Gaming mobile's in these generation's, One of the companies that have been spreading out the trend today, Nubia is introducing yet another gaming handset, this time with a specialized cooling system and specs that should hit the spot to any Android fan.

so there is no surprise in gaming phones to have 90 HZ refresh rate display.

Snapdragon 855

(GPU)-Adreno 640

5000 mah battery

there are more about specs to know spec list link is below

Nubia red magic 3 spec list.

so these are the 90 Hz flagship and most of them are One plus flagships, they made their mark through making their flagships with excellent OLEDs.

not only One plus Asus, Oppo, but Google also bumped up their screens to 90 HZ

we will list out apps support 90 Hz display soon.

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