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2020 flagship expectations, the best tech yet to come and some enhancements to old tech.

Updated: Mar 16

2020 tech had already some leaks on giant flagships like Galaxy Note, iPhone 12, Galaxy S-series, OnePlus 8 and some other flagships yet to hit the market with new powerful Soc this time.

excluding iPhone, the other devices will have 865 Soc in it and will have default 60Hz-140Hz display feature and some powerful AI sequences with some catchy powerful mic's will catch your voice where ever you want to command the phone to complete the task with just your recorded voice command.

this year could be a huge leap to smartphones through the powerful SOC which has default made some newly supported features and hardware also. we have already written clearly about 865 Processor and 865 powered flagship list also,

not every flagship is capable of packing this powerful soc in it.

so there is a quite new list of features in these upcoming devices

  • New GPU 650

  • Display support (90-144Hz default frames per second).

  • Enhanced AI

  • Enhanced ISP

  • Connectivity range

  • Supports huge memory

  • increased fast charging chips

we have discussed clearly all about this in previous posts and I have linked here 865 Processor

we can see improvements in Voice commands, Camera hardware enhancements, Default memory stick will be 256 GB and fast battery charging point, Display functionality might change.

these all can be seen in some familiar flagships so we will list out here

Samsung Galaxy S11,S11 Plus, Galaxy S11(e)

120Hz of screen

108 MP ISO cell bright HMX, This camera can also capture 8K in 30 Frames per second, 5X Optical zoom.

next processor will be Snapdragon 865

& in some countries with a cost-cutting factor with Exynos 990 chipset will be replaced.

Default 5G network chip on board.

128GB of onboard storage,

6GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 and Galaxy Note 11

128GB of onboard storage,

6GB of RAM.

120Hz of screen

6.7-inch display

865 SOC powered or Exynos 9 series

5G network SOC.

Traditional 3.5mm Headphone jack will revive this time (Purely Speculation).

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

another expected Vertical folD

OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8T

6GB Ram and 128 GB internal memory

Lite version

might range below 600$

120Hz of screen

so the other flagship list is below.

  • LG G9 and LG V60

  • Sony Xperia 2

  • Moto Z series.

  • Asus Zenfone 7 & Asus ROG Phone 3

  • Plus ZTE Axon 11 Pro

  • Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL

the above list is all about android devices.

Apple won't keep quiet

they bake their cakes about a year and release it with some surprises also surprised at the price, that doesn't mean that they are making it cheaper but they will expensive.

This time they made their devices a bit battery friendly and extraordinary camera though they aren't in 5G network stuff unlike Samsung some have plus and some have minus points.

2020 will be the year where flagships will be flawless.

2020 expectations form iPhone

  • bezel fewer screens(almost nill in bezels).

  • 5G chipset.

  • 120Hz Pro motion Oled display.

if these are true in iPhone then they can increase their audience and also can keep up with the old audience.

iPhone 2020 gallery

more updates are coming up on tech

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