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11 new features in Android 11 1st developer preview.

There is pretty much list of new features in this developer version and we have been waiting for this announcement and this time we thought of fuschia but this might take time to get announced.

so what are there in New Android 11 and why should we care.?

there are pretty much 11 features which will obviously be removed in coming versions developer previews so let's know what features are there in this new developer preview.?

Note:- this developer eligible devices are from Pixel 2 to today's model (Pixel 4).

so nowadays there is a huge leap in networks in 5G and new Bluetooth and wifi technologies there has been a hardware update through Snapdragon 865 processor but there is no proper optimization of this hardware, which is present has been working out in Android 11

  • list of upgrades in Android 11 which were optimized and much more need to be optimized in the final version of the release.

  • 5G experiences

  • New screen types

  • People and conversations

  • Neural Networks API 1.3

  • Privacy and security

  • Updates and compatibility

  • Polish and quality

  • Image and camera improvements

  • Low latency

  • App compatibility

  • Get started with preview updates

you can download in the mentioned links for Pixel devices

5G experiences

we have multiple devices already wit the 5G devices in Samsung, OnePlus, LG also and some other but they needed some optimizations more in software wisely with some new tweaks in Android.

5G has brought Low latency and faster network equal to Wifi or wired networks which can also stream 4K streaming, higher resolution gaming purpose.

they have new APIs for 5G clear measurements for a clear idea.

  • Dynamic Metered API

  • Bandwidth estimator API

Dynamic metered API Nature

This API to include cellular networks so that you can identify users whose carriers are offering truly unmetered data while connected to the carrier’s 5G network.

Bandwidth estimator

this API for 5G to make it easier to check the pulse of the network

New Screen types

Every new flagship will have refresh rated screens which support some apps and some games, apps, for now, there is a phenomenal development in devices which are seriously a leap but every application didn't keep up for this upgrade.

every game isn't capable of 90 HZ so we have listed out some games which will work in 90- 120 Hz flagships but now coming to optimizations and upgrades in displays in upcoming flagships are designed in Pinhole and waterfall screens which Apps can manage pinhole screens and waterfall screens using the existing display cutout API.

So there is a various cutout feature where now apps will perform in the full-screen functionality process with no hassle.

Communication way.

(People and conversation)

There has been much work done in new conversation way now let's know what is best

Dedicated conversations section

this is a drag feature from the status bar with multiple replies in with ongoing conversation just from status bar.


this is a handy feature which will help in multiple text messages and WhatsApp and also you can images in a text chat with multiple platforms just by selecting bubble or from the status bar chat.

so we can add images from the status bar chat this new feature will be seen through Gboard clipboard.

Neural Network API

Enhanced machine learning and Artificial intelligence which will continuously learn according to the user operations and his regular habitsAPI

added API to resolve the common problems

Quality service API.

Memory API.



There will be one time permissions to the app to control the app inputs according to user this is called "One-time permissions"

This will ask again whenever the working of the app changes



Transactions password

data transfer

identifying credentials

Multiple apps use the payment gateway which is secured through credentials of the user biometrics, this will increase the security in the transaction and also very useful to the user permissions.




Google Play System Updates

Increased privacy controls on Android devices, a media provider module that’s integral to our privacy efforts around Scoped Storage, and an NNAPI (Neural Networks API) module that optimizes performance and guarantees consistent APIs across devices.

App compatibility

Android 11 has new developer tools which are dedicated to the best upgrades and to work on desired results.

Minimizing the impact of App crash behaviour

Easier testing and debugging the beta versions

Dynamic resource loader

New platform app stability issues error tracing.


Polish and quality


marking a call as spam or adding to contacts. Call-screening apps can now do more to help users. Apps can get the incoming call’s for verification of the user's identity.

Wi-Fi suggestion API enhancements

will receive more information about the quality of connected networks, and other management changes. they can force a disconnection by removing a network suggestion,



camera improvements

HEIF animated drawables

Image API will let you decode and render image sequence animations stored in HEIF files, so you can make use of high-quality assets while minimizing the impact on network data and apk size.

Native image decoder

let apps decode and encode images (such as JPEG, PNG, WebP) from native code for graphics or post-processing, while retaining a smaller APK size since you don’t need to bundle an external library.

Muting during camera capture

apps can use new APIs to mute vibration from ringtones, alarms or notifications while the camera session is active.

Bokeh modes

A still image mode offers highest quality capture, while a continuous mode ensures that capture keeps up with sensor output, such as for video capture.

Apps can use metadata tags to enable bokeh modes on camera capture requests in devices that support it.

Low latency

Low-latency video decoding in MediaCodec

Low latency video is critical for real-time video streaming apps and services like cloud gaming "stadia" Video codecs that support low latency playback return the first frame of the stream as quickly as possible after decoding starts. probably new API optimizations.

HDMI low-latency mode

auto low latency mode (also known as a game mode) on external displays and TVs. In this mode, the display or TV disables graphics post-processing in order to minimize latency.

so those are pretty much optimizations in API and many more in developer preview 1 let's see improvements in preview 2