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List of flagships in upcomming August 5th event.

Since Galaxy S20 we have been watching for the new foldable and new Foldable Z, I have been more obsessed with galaxy fold Z than Moto Razr, though we have been waiting for magnificent Note as always.

Note was always in my favourites list

Well since two years Note 20 wasn't the only model is getting launched solely, there are pretty much rumoured foldable flagship and also with foldable Z, well what are they launching on August 5th.

Samsung might have heavy plans for Specs and they are listed out in below Specifications tab, you can have look over there, and the price will be given below in price tab, but this is not about just price and specifications there are some other flagships coming up with Note 20.

Samsung does perform some dynamic events which will include Standard release and some will not include Standard release, we have observed this but the list new stuff to hit the market are below

  • Galaxy Earbuds
  • Galaxy Watch 3
  • Galaxy tab S7
  • Galaxy Z-fold-2 these are confirmed not rumoured and we never concentrated on galaxy tabs usually rather we chose some foldable and foldable Z so we weren't aware of galaxy tab performance, well it might match your daily needs.

galaxy series are pretty much obsessed with 5G network flagship and they have used this 5G chipset in every device of them and made the rare list 5G flagship to familiar flagship, though this time they will roll out Galaxy flagship with the same drill of S20, like S20 Ultra, S20 regular drive, S20 mini regular drive, this will increase the availability for a different range of customers,

Well there is a bit confusion in Note 20 flagship and Note 20 ultra they are with the same size but Ultra has more cutting edge of performance in the count with extra display nits and wth extra storage and Ram well that's why its called Ultra.

there is a cutdown of Camera specs to some extent due to lack of usability, 108 megapixel in a flagship is incredible but everyone doesn't use them even the person who brought the product for the Camera of 108 MP won't be using 108 megapixel every time whenever the camera is in use.

So the cut off of the Camera features will not be deal-breaker either way.

and there are many speculations on a processor with 865 snapdragons with 5G attached modem because 865 isn't standalone 5G chipset The exciting news is that they are coming back with new Galaxy fold 2 and probably new Zfold also, not only foldable devices but also with new Watch and buds and whole new ecosystem.

The most unexpected thing is that we could also have a chance to see the new galaxy new Home device just like Google Home or Alexa, This might indirectly indicate that we will see some enhanced Bixby features. till now we have no idea well we wanted to have it on hands on the launch but due to this pandemic, we can't gather for this event.

But there will be an event which is streamed digitally and we can have more idea on tech which is coming to the market. Stay tuned to

August 5th



Note 20 will have a 6.7-inch display with 2400 X 1080 resolution for the regular model and 6.9-inch fro ultra model 3200 X 1440 with 120 Hz refresh rate. LTPO display for enhancing the refresh rates this refresh rate might be higher than mentioned.


Same Properties as S20 ultra and S20 series they will have 108-megapixel sensor as the main sensor in the ultra model and coming to Note 20 + as a regular gear the zoom lens will have 13Mp and will have 50X zoom rather than 100X zoom, unlike S20 series.

Internal specs are

865 processor and this processor is not a standalone 5G enables chipset, well it has a 5G chip attachment flexible, Note 20 series will definitely be a line up of 5G network flagships of galaxy series.

Stylus is the same for every model.

Note:This is highly speculated price.

this may vary from place to place and might underly between 900$ for the base model and 1500$ for high end model called Ultra

Base model will start from 63,000/- and will end at 1,40,000/- for ultra model in INR might vary

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