Apple has started manufacturing Flagships in "INDIA"

First flagship manufacturing in "INDIA"

There is great news going on with Indian manufacturing units.... that is Apple has got it with making flagships in "INDIA" for the first with the flagship designs

already they have been manufacturing in "INDIA" since 2017, with low cost flagships.

What is new in flagship manufacturing in INDIA with Apple, well there are already manufacturing of Apple low-cost models are happening here in "INDIA" but now for the first time they have been making these flagship sin India which will inhibit their usage of China dependency units and will cut off the import duty price of 20% in the price of the flagship, well this news source from Tech crunch and well its no clear and concrete move yet, but reportedly rumoured, they will soon unveil it, soon we are going to update here soon..

well that's one of the best trade point to Country India.

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